The traditional art of hospitality

Our hotel is an A Class hotel and it is located at the square of Plaisia village, within 25km from the city of Ioannina and 17km from the intersection of Egnatia highway. It is a restoration of an old stone house, built in 1931. The hotel was made with the same artistry and the same authentic constructive materials, the stone and the wood. It consists of 4 spacious rooms, which have access to a common yard.

The breakfast is rich and includes a high variety of local pies, such as spinachpies, flourpies, cheesepies, marmalades and honey from local cooperatives.

It’s location is ideal for someone who wants to visit the villages of Tzoumerka, as well as the tourist attractions of Ioannina. It is located within 15km from Plaka’s bridge.




Our breakfast

You can have your breakfast in the cozy lounge of the hotel or enjoy it in our courtyard, which overlooks the main square of the village, as well as the villages of Xerovouni and Tzoumerka.


Our breakfast is inspired by Epirus’ traditional tastes. All of the ingredients and recipes come from the surrounding areas, whether that be milk, honey, jam and eggs, or pies and fruit preserves. Epirus is famous for its cheese and yoghurt, including feta cheese, kefalotyri and galotyri.


Our homemade pies are an essential element of the local cuisine of Ioannina. It’s a centuries-old tradition that stood the test of time for two reasons: the main ingredients are affordable and come in abundance. A pie is a delicious indulgence with nutritional value.


Alexandra Hotel is surrounded by lush vegetation. Chamomile and mint are only two of the herbs we collect and offer in our breakfast.

Our hotel has been assigned
the “Greek breakfast” certification

“Greek breakfast” is a Hellenic Chamber of Hotels program

Our breakfast offers:

  • Freshly baked bread (made with our own sourdough starter), multigrain bread and a variety of cheeses, including feta, kefalotyri, kefalograviera and galotyri.
  • Yoghurt and butter
  • Cured meat products
  • Boiled eggs, fried eggs, French toast, strapatsada (traditional recipe with eggs, cheese, feta cheese, pepper and tomatoes).
  • Variety of pies including Mpatsaria (herb pie), dough pie, cheese pie, macaroni pie, chicken pie, pancakes with cheese or honey and sugar, olive pie
  • Bread rolls with cheese and oregano or cheese and tomato.
  • Tarhana
  • Honey
  • Jams (cornel, blackberry, quince, strawberry, peach, apricot)
  • Fruit preserves (cherry, walnut, bitter orange, quince, citrus)
  • Orange cookies
  • Cakes (orange, chocolate)
  • Seasonal fresh fruits, fruit-salads, juices
  • Greek coffee, tea, chamomile and mint


Room 1

80.0 From / per night

Three-bed room 30 sqm with hydromassage shower, traditional style with wooden ceiling and natural colors.

Room 2

75.0 From / per night

Three-bed room 22 sqm traditional style with wooden ceiling. The room has a cooling-heating appliance.

Room 3

75.0 From / per night

Three-bed room 22 sqm traditional style. The room has a cooling-heating appliance.

Room 4

70.0 From / per night

Two-bed room 17 sqm traditional style. The room has a cooling-heating appliance.

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