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The village of Plaisia is built in a plateau of 620 meters altitude, next to the village of Kalentzi. The river Arachthos is on the east side of Plaisia, in a distance of approximately 2 kilometers, while the mountain Xerovouni (height of 1600 meters) is on the south. The mountain Aetorachi (height of 1150 meters) is on the west side.

Plaisia has the typical structure of a Greek village: a main square and stone-built houses around it. A stream flows through the village. The church of the Assumption of Mary is 3 centuries old and near Plaisia, one can also find the monastery of Saint John, the churches of Saint George and Saint Nicholas and the church of Saint Elias.

The vegetation is lush, consisting mainly of walnuts, figs, wild pears, linden trees and plane trees.

The bust of the author Ioannis Papadiamantopoulos (1856-1910), also known as Jean Moreas, can be found in the village, for he spent in Plaisia quite a few years of his life.

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    Plaisia, Ioannina 44013, Greece


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